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GPI 38-400 Silver Aluminum Lid

GPI 38-400 silver aluminum lid with PE inner gasket fits a container with a 38-400 neck finish. The first number refers to the diameter of the container's opening (in mm). The second number refers to the thread/style of the closure's skirt.

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Drawing for GPI 38-400 silver aluminum closure:

Drawing of GPI 38-400 aluminum screw cap-Jotop Glass

38-400 silver aluminum cap-1138-400 silver aluminum cap-12
GPI 38/400 silver aluminum lid with PE inner gasketGPI 38/400 silver aluminum cap
38-400 silver aluminum cap-13GPI 38-400 silver aluminum lid-1
GPI 38/400 silver aluminum closureGPI 38/400 silver aluminum closure

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