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Plastic Screw Caps

  • Black Bakelite Cap/phenolic Cap

    Black Bakelite Cap/phenolic Cap

    Black bakelite cap also named penolic cap, which is used on boston bottles. Normal specification: GPI 16-400, 18-400, 20-400, 22-400, 24-400, 28-400, 32-400.

  • Dropper Cap

    Dropper Cap

    Dropper cap is assembled by colored polypropylene closure and dropper insert or glass pipette together with rubber teat. These dropper caps include various styles of CRC dropper caps, vertical dropper caps and tamper-evident designs. The DIN standard and GPI pp caps are...

  • Euro Dropper

    Euro Dropper

    Euro Dropper is composed of horizontal or vertical dropper insert and screw pp cap with child resistant or tamper-evident designs. The normal specification is DIN 18mm and perfect for assembling euro dropper bottles for essential oils, fragrances, natural remedies and herbal...

  • Dropper Insert

    Dropper Insert

    Dropper insert always assemble in CRC closures or tamper evident caps to prevent leakage and allows the user to accurately dispense essential oils. Multiple orifice sizes are the best choice for your flow rate. The vertical dropper inserts are paired with regular, child...

  • Tamper Evident Cap

    Tamper Evident Cap

    Tamper evident caps are made with pharmaceutical grade polypropylene mostly in black and white color. The tamper evident cap has a security ring and would be separated when opening the bottle. So that protect your product against unauthorized opening. A wide selection of...

  • Child Resistant Caps

    Child Resistant Caps

    Child resistant caps is designed to guard harmful substances from being accidentally opened by children. Simply push down and unscrew to open the caps. We offer a wide selection of child resistant caps which can be used for pharmaceutical glass containers.

  • Phenolic Cap

    Phenolic Cap

    Phenolic is a type of thermoset plastic material short for Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. Phenolic caps also called Bakelite cap are threaded closure in black and white color with smooth top. The specification covers 18/400, 20/400, 22/400, 24/400 and 28/400 to assemble glass...

  • GPI Screw Caps

    GPI Screw Caps

    GPI screw caps are plastic screw caps with GPI thread finish (at the top of container). The GPI thread finish covers 400 with 1 thread turn, 410 with 1.5 thread turns, 415 with 2 thread turns tall “H” dimension, 425 with 2 thread turns narrow threads, 430 buttress finish with...

  • Headspace Caps

    Headspace Caps

    Headspace caps are made with metal or plastic materials featuring central hole on the top. The specification includes 11mm, 13mm, 18mm, 20mm aluminum crimp caps and magnetic screw thread caps as well as 8mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm plastic screw caps with PTFE...

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