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Dropper Insert

Dropper insert always assemble in CRC closures or tamper evident caps to prevent leakage and allows the user to accurately dispense essential oils. Multiple orifice sizes are the best choice for your flow rate. The vertical dropper inserts are paired with regular, child resistant, tamper evident and child resistant/temper evident caps for a complete solution.

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Dropper Insert


Closure Type


1.0mm, 1.2mm

Tamper-evident(TE), Child-resistant(CR), Child-resistant/Tamper-evident


0.55mm, 0.7mm 0.85mm, 1.0mm 1.15mm, 1.2mm
1.8mm, 2.0mm

Tamper-evident(TE), Child-resistant(CR), Child-resistant/Tamper-evident

Product Features

● Vertical dropper insert require controlled flow and drop rate

● Horizontal dropper insert suitable for low low-viscosity essential oils

● Vertical dropper insert consist of drop pipe, drop orifice, air pipe and air orifice

● Horizontal dropper insert consist of drop orifice, drop rim, air pipe and air orifice

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