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Colored Glass Bottles

  • Amber Glass Bottles

    Amber Glass Bottles

    Amber glass bottles are manufactured from dark brown glass for various applications to package both dry and liquid materials. We offer a full line of amber glass dropper bottles, amber boston round glass bottles, amber syrup bottles and amber wide mouth glass bottles with...

  • Blue Glass Bottles

    Blue Glass Bottles

    Blue glass bottles are made of cobalt blue glass for various applications in the field of food, cosmetic and medical products. A complete series of blue glass dropper bottles, blue boston round glass bottles and blue wide mouth glass bottles with GPI screw thread designs are...

  • Green Glass Bottle

    Green Glass Bottle

    Green glass bottles are made from soda lime green glass to provide UV protection for light sensitive products. A variety of styles including green glass dropper bottles and green boston round glass bottles with standard screw thread designs are available. Assorted closures...

We're one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of colored glass bottles in China. You can wholesale the best quality colored glass bottles made in China from our factory.