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20ml Amber Environment Protection Agency Vials

20ml amber Environment Protection Agency vials are made from excellent raw materials. Black or white pp cap with closed top or central hole top. Excellent sealing and chemical resistant for PTFE/Silicone septum.

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CapacityMouth DiameterBody DiameterOverall HeightNeck Type

20ml amber EPA(VOA) vials:

20ml amber EPA vial-2

20ml amber EPA vial-3

20ml amber EPA vials 20ml amber VOA vials 

20ml amber EPA vial-4

20ml amber EPA vial-5

20ml EPA vial with Head-space cap and septa20ml VOA vial with Top-closed cap and septum

20ml amber EPA vial-6

20ml amber EPA vial-1

20ml VOA vial with Top-closed cap and septum20ml EPA vial with Top-closed cap

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