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Pharmaceutical Glass Vials

  • Headspace Vial

    Headspace Vial

    Headspace vials are made from 33 expansion and 51 COE borosilicate glass with low extraction to protect sample from leaching. Cost-efficient 70 borosilicate glass is also available as per specific requirements. These headspace vials come in clear or amber color with crimp and...

  • EPA Vials

    EPA Vials

    EPA vials that meet the requirements of US Environmental Protection Agency are used for the testing of potentially harmful environmental contaminants in water or soil samples. These vials are made of borosilicate glass in clear or amber color for light sensitive samples....

  • VOA Vials

    VOA Vials

    The volatile organic analysis (VOA) vials are made of borosilicate glass and prepared to meet or exceed EPA standards for volatile organic sampling. Clear or amber glass vials are available in three sizes of 20ml, 40ml, 60ml with standard 24-400 screw neck top. Open top and...

  • Storage Vials

    Storage Vials

    Storage vials are manufactured of clear or amber borosilicate glass ideally for storage of biological agent, cosmetic and chemistry so on. A variety of crimp caps and screw caps with septa are available for your choice.

  • Shell Vial

    Shell Vial

    Shell vial are manufactured from borosilicate glass for viral cell culture use. These vials are also ideal for packaging dry contents or other applications. Both snap-plug closures and cork stoppers maybe used with shell vials.

  • Glass Sample Vials

    Glass Sample Vials

    A variety of clear and amber glass vials are suitable for collecting storing and transporting many different kinds of samples. These glass sample vials are constructed of borosilicate glass to secure content and ensure its integrity. Select from broad vial styles, sizes and...

  • Screw Top Vials

    Screw Top Vials

    Screw top vials are manufactured from type 1 borosilicate glass with good stability to protect sample from leaching. The special designed 8-425, 9-425 and 13-425 thread finish are ideal for use with Agilent, Waters and Shimadzu autosamplers. Preassembled pp screw closures...

  • Crimp Top Vials

    Crimp Top Vials

    Crimp top vials are manufactured from type 33, type 51 and type 70 expansion borosilicate glass with various fill volumes. Vials are compatible with many autosampler brands such as Agilent and Shimadzu. Available 11mm aluminum seals or magnetic crimp caps with central hole...

  • Snap Top Vials

    Snap Top Vials

    Snap top vials are made from clear or amber borosilicate glass with optional ceramic write-on patch. The vials have a versatile neck that accept closure by either snap-cap or aluminum crimp seals. Wider openings can reduce a risk of needle damage.

  • Glass Test Tubes

    Glass Test Tubes

    Glass test tubes are widely used to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals. The specifications are available in a multitude of lengths and widths, typically from 6mm to 32mm in width and 50mm to 200mm in length. Culture tubes are often used in...

  • Glass Dropper

    Glass Dropper

    Glass dropper are always composed of glass pipette and rubber teat. Sometimes plastic caps are also involved in to match all kind of screw glass vial bottles. The glass droppers are specially to measure liquid volume and then transport into other containers.

  • Glass Pipette

    Glass Pipette

    Glass pipette are made of clear borosilicate glass tubing with straight head, bent head and round head types. Rubber teat and plastic screw caps are always as assemblies to be widely used in laboratory.

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